"Welcome to our blog, where we will immerse ourselves in the deep roots of ceramics , following its fascinating path from its birth to the present day. We will discover the first traces of this ancient art, woven into the very fabric of human history.

Through centuries, ceramic making has evolved, transforming simple clay into works of art imbued with meaning and functionality. We will explore the creative process, from the shaping of the clay to the final touch of the kiln, where craftsmanship blends with the natural element.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, ceramic offers practical benefits, embodying durability, strength and versatility. From the artistic design of vases and plates to the more practical applications in architecture and industry, ceramics prove to be an essential companion in everyday life.

This blog is an invitation to discover not only the art behind ceramics, but also the many benefits it brings to our lives. An exploration of its many forms, colors and uses that connect us with a thousand-year-old tradition. Welcome aboard, where ceramics tell us their story, from the hands of artisans to homes and streets around the world. #CeramicArt #TraditionAndInnovation"
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