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White ceramic pine cone

White ceramic pine cone

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Pine cone handcrafted and hand painted, Made in Italy.

Dimensions : 30cm - 40cm

The symbolic interpretation of the pine cone represents fertility, immortality and well-being, which have emerged over the centuries from the lush perennial plant, the pine. This ancient symbol has become a wish for prosperity for Sicilian families, who traditionally decorate the entrances to their homes, such as doors and gates, with ceramic pine cones. These precious artefacts, shaped with artisanal care using the lathe, embody openness and hospitality, and are also found embellishing terraces and balconies, offering an enchanting panoramic view. The creation of these objects takes place through majestic handwork, with skilled craftsmen modeling the clay to create the base cap and the foot, subsequently decorated with single leaves. Finally, the terracotta is embellished with bright colored glazes, lusters and gold details, adding a touch of elegance and tradition to each creation.

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